Fair Work

Fair Work

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All too often employers prey on the naivety of the employees by underpaying them or not awarding the correct rates for holiday or weekend pay. Employers often don’t pay the correct super contributions either, if at all... By having us as your representative, your employer must liaise with us and not you directly, giving you peace of mind to get on with the job at hand.

Fair Work Complaint Process

By having us as your representative, we will be carried out fair work complaint process to make sure your issues are resolved as soon as possible.

Is there a time limit on registering a claim?

There is a 21 day time limit that you must apply of a dismissal taking effect.

How do I calculate my correct wage?

There are rates of minimum pay set by legislation for over 100 types of employment, these are known as awards. You can calculate your minimum pay entitlements, leave entitlements, redundancy entitlement and weekend rate, public holiday, overtime rates through this link


You should upload the results of your findings as an attachment when making your fairwork complaint, otherwise you will be asked to do this later on. You should also upload any relevant paperwork. For example, if you’re complaint relates to a pay dispute we will need to see the relevant payslips.

I’m not sure if I’ve been underpaid super?

In the event you think you might be underpaid super. You should tell us how many hours a week you work, and what your yearly salary is. You should also provide us with the name of your employer. Super is calculated at 9.5% you should use the online Super Guarantee calculator to work out your entitlement


I still work for my employer, can I still claim?

Using a representative like us for fair work ombudsman is especially great in situations where you think your visa might be affected, or in the event you still work for the employer. That way we can help ensure you’re not penalized or that the issue is discussed with you at work.

How long does the complaint process take?

The process could be as short as 2 weeks and as long as 2 years depending on the complexity. Our job is to continuously chase the relevant parties to ensure its being resolved as swiftly as possible.

Do you charge for this service?

We wish our service could be for free, and for that reason we don’t charge anything for the work we do even if you don’t win. But without government funding we have to get paid something to cover our costs. So when you win, we’ll take a small percentage. The amount depends on the type of complaint and is written into your agreement.

How do I know my information is secure?

We are committed to maintaining your privacy in line with the Privacy Act 1988. You can read more about our commitment to privacy by clicking on privacy policy at the footer of the webpage.