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Our expert airline complaints ombudsman resove issues like flight delays, lost baggage, booking cancellations and overbooking. To give you an example if your flight from Sydney to Paris was delayed by more than 4 hours you would be owed €600 based on EU legislation.

Flight Information FAQ

How to calculate what you’re owed

Take note of the time when the doors are opened on the plane (not when it lands) and the intended time of arrival. Below is an indicative table for payouts of all eligible European flights

Flight distance Delay length Entitlement
Up to 1,500km 3 hours + €250
Any flight within the EU over 1,500km or any other flight between 1,500km and 3,500km 3+ hours €400
More than 3,500km 3 to 4 hours €300
More than 3,500km 4 hours + €600

Check the distance of your original flight here

How far back can I claim?

Generally, you’ll only be able to make a claim for flight delays that occurred in the last six years. This is because you can only take cases from less than six years ago to court.


In theory, you should be able to make claims on older cases (up to 2005, when the EU brought in the flight delay legislation). However, you normally won’t be able to get compensation on these older cases.

What if my interconnecting flight is delayed?

If you have bought the tickets as a single booking, and your first flight is delayed, any compensation should be based on the delay when you arrive at your final destination. This is true for any flight that is either operated by an EU carrier or departs from an EU airport.

When is a delay counted from?

Your flight delay is based on the scheduled arrival time. This is counted from when the doors are opened on the plane and not when it lands (as some airlines may claim).

Common claims misperceptions

If the plane is diverted and it’s outside of the operators control you cannot claim compensation

Bad weather is outside of the airlines control and you cannot claim compensation as a result

You cannot claim for any air traffic control delays

Can I claim if a delayed flight has made me miss a connection?

If you’ve bought the tickets as part of the same booking, yes!



As long as you are either departing from or flying to an EU territory (on an EU operated airline if flying to the EU) with a stopover in a non-EU territory, you can get compensation for any delays that might occur – even if they happen on part of the journey that’s outside the EU!


Montreal Convention

The Montreal Convention is a treaty that sets out the rules for damage to goods, lost or delayed luggage, and personal injury on international flights.


The Montreal Convention gives you the right to claim damages in the event that one of these things happens on a flight between states that have signed the treaty.

airlines control and you cannot claim compensation as a result

You cannot claim for any air traffic control delays

What if I have insurance?

If you had an insurance policy at the time of the issue with your flight you may wish to also submit a claim through our travel section found here.

What if I was not flying to Europe?

Due to a better regulatory environment in Europe it is much more likely to register a successful claim than if you were flying internally or heading to Asia or America, unless you flew with a reputable brand like Emirates, Qatar or Qantas. If you flew with a less than reputable brand and your flight was not to Europe, but you had insurance. Please register your claim on our travel claim for here.

How long does the process take?

The process could be as short as 2 weeks and as long as 2 years depending on the complexity. Just make an airline complaint, our job is to continuously chase the relevant parties to ensure its being resolved as swiftly as possible.

Do you charge for this service?

We wish our service could be for free, and for that reason we don’t charge anything for the work we do even if you don’t win. But without government funding we have to get paid something to cover our costs. So when you win, we’ll take a small percentage. The amount depends on the type of complaint and is written into your agreement.

How do I know my information is secure?

We are committed to maintaining your privacy in line with the Privacy Act 1988. You can read more about our commitment to privacy by clicking on privacy policy at the footer of the webpage.