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Get Reliable Telecom Industry Ombudsman in Australia


The Tesltra and Optus NBN rollout has been riddled with problems, such as delays, installation costs, lower speeds than promised and dropout issues. This form also covers issues relating to mobile, internet and phone complaints.

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Fair Work

All too often employers prey on the naivety of the employees by underpaying them or not awarding the correct rates for holiday or weekend pay. Employers often don’t pay the correct super contributions either, if at all. […]

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Finance and insurance

The recent Royal Commission has shed light on the degree of unconscionable conduct from the banks and superannuation providers. You can bring a complaint against a large bank like ANZ and CBA or against a […]

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Gas, Electricity and Water Complaints

Gas, electricity and water

Unfortunately, billing issues are still occurring despite smart meters being installed. Often customers have been mis-sold or their accounts poorly managed and in some extreme cases energy retailers are at fault for […]

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Airline Complaints Ombudsman


This form covers issues like flight delays, lost baggage, booking cancellations and overbooking. To give you an example if your flight from Sydney to Paris was delayed by more than 4 hours you would be owed €600 based on […]

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All problems

Covers just that, literally any issue governed by Australian consumer law can be raised using this form. Anything from retail goods and services to train delays and fines and infringements. Unburden yourself here […]

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